1977-1982 Cabinet Van Agt I - III De Koning, Van Dijk

In 1980, minister Jan de Koning presented the first policy memorandum on women in development cooperation to the House of Representatives: The memorandum introduced the term 'women and development' as a denominator for the problem that was central to this, namely the inequality of women compared to men in the development process.

In 1981, the Netherlands rectified CEDAW
1977- 1981: Jan de Koning (CDA), Minister for Development Cooperation in the Cabinet Van Agt I
1981- 1982: Kees van Dijk (CDA), Minister for Development Cooperation in the Cabinets Van Agt I and II.


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1977- 1981: Jan de Koning

1981- 1982: Kees van Dijk 


1979 Instelling van een raad voor het emancipatiebeleid (Wet op de Emancipatieraad) (Kamerstuk zitting 1979/1980, 16046.)

1981 Nederland ratifies CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women).

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