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Welcome to the NICC Timeline Guide
The NICC timelines are developed to share insight on Dutch international cooperation and development. The timelines have been structured according to different themes (water, gender, education, agriculture, climate) and different countries.

This timeline shows the Netherlands' gender, security and peace policies and practices in the South, and any international discussions that influence the policies and practices in chronological order.

On the NICC website you can find an overview of the different timelines NICC has developed. The website also offers a video gallery where you can find various interviews with experts from the field of international cooperation and a search engine for the NICC collection.

Although we already gathered a lot of information, our timelines are never completely finished. If you have input for one of our timelines, feel free to contact us! You can do so by sending an email to info@stichtingnicc.nl

The Gender & International Cooperation: A Topics Timeline is a product by Stichting NICC. The following people have been responsible for the creation of this timeline:

Resource persons

Kitty Bentvelsen, Joke Buringa, Jose Hussen, Teddie Muffels, Joke Oranje, Rita Rahman, Maaike van Vliet, Ella de Voogd, Hettie Wolters


Rosie Anderson, Joke Buringa, Loukie Levert, Halima Lakhbir, Joke Oranje, Laura van der Toorn, Maaike van Vliet, Ella de Voogd, Jochem Delvaux

Stichting NICC would like to express its gratitude for everyone who worked on the timeline!

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IOB rapport 2015

IOB rapport 2021

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