1980 Copenhagen: Second World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women: Equality, Development and Peace


Forum for Women with the participation of (women's) organizations from developing and donor countries: increasing importance of the International Women's Movement

Policy attention: influencing development cooperation policy officials  and agencies and organisations that deal with development cooperation such as the Dutch co-financing organizations (MFOs), NUFFIC (the Dutch institution dealing with bursaries for developing coutries), SNV (the Netherlands Development Organisation) and support to women's organizations in developing countries, participation in various forums at home and abroad.

Influencing policy in UN organisations such as FAO.

Appointment of Professor of Women's Studies at Wageningen agricultural University and at the International Women's Studies department of the International Institute for Social Studies (ISS).

Themes: task reduction and strengthening of the economic position of women, health care, female headed households and independence of women.

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Second UN International Conference on Women in Copenhagen