2016 -2019/20 Dutch National Action Plan

A partnership to contribute to the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

The National Action Plan 2016-2019 sets out a shift of concern to building a supportive environment for women participation in security and justice.

This national action plan is influenced by the global women’s movement that lobbied extensively for the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 1325 (2000) on Women, Peace and Security. 

There is a growing awareness among UN member states and international and regional organisations of the fact that women’s participation increases the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of peace and security efforts.

Gender Analysis

This national action plan emphasizes the gender-specific analysis of looking at men’s and women’s different roles and underlying power relations in times of conflict. Political exclusion and social and physical abuse cannot be effectively addressed if the focus is only on women. Gender analysis helps understand the context and the conflict-specific notions and ideals behind both men’s and women’s behaviour and roles if the Dutch government wants to contribute to gender equality. 

Theory of Change

The national action plan highlights the importance of structural changes to address structural barriers to women’s full and meaningful participation in all aspects of peace and security. Most of these obstacles are linked to existing norms, values, laws and institutions that perpetuate gender inequalities. The structural transformation of these norms, values, laws and institutions is a prerequisite for sustainable progress in protecting women’s rights and achieving gender equality.

To achieve this transformation, a multifaceted approach by governmental and non-governmental actors is needed, so that we can help create an enabling environment for women’s participation in peace and security.


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The Netherlands National Action for Women, Peace and Security 2016-2019, a partnership to contribute to the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

Mid Term Review National Action Plan 1325 on Women, Peace and Security 2016-2019

Defensie Actieplan 1325 2016-2019

Subsidiekader Vrouwen, Vrede en Veligheid 2016-2019, Staatscourant Nr. 24150 dd. 12 mei 2016