Timeline Guide

This WASH (Water, Sanitation & Health) Timeline focuses on the global perspective of WASH in international development cooperation.

The WASH timelines are built up in chronological bullets from a policy development perspective, at the global level and at the national level of the Netherlands, in terms of its policy regarding WASH in international development cooperation. This timeline focuses on the global developments. The timeline that looks at WASH developments from a Dutch perspective can be found here.

This timeline is made up of 2 levels as 2 independent timelines, addressing global developments in the WASH sector. Both timelines are built up chronologically,  focusing on policy and actors and instruments. Where appropriate a reference is made to crucial time markers in (technology and finance innovation driven) development and lessons learned.  The 5 time periods focussed on are as follows:

  1. 1945-1974: WASH as part of institutionalised emergency aid
  2. 1976-2000: From charity to solidarity and sustainability
  3. 2000-2008: MDGs – the first 7.5 years
  4. 2008-2015: MDGs, 2nd half
  5. 2015-2020: Post MDGs: the sustainable development goals

This WASH timeline is being developed by Sjef Ernes, former managing director of Aqua for All, based on interviews with Dick van Ginhoven, former senior policy advisor Water and Sanitation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Both are connected to NICC as key resource persons with regard to the development of WASH over the last 50 years.

Additional information about WASH can be found in the collection of Stichting NICC.