1998 Establishing Water and Environmental Centre

Establishing Water and Environmental Centre (WEC, Sana’a University, 1998-1999)

The Water and Environment Centre (WEC), founded in 1999, is affiliated with Sana’a University in Yemen. As a center for water management and environmental science, it provides education and training and consultancy services.

The Development of The WEC started in 1989 during the Sana’a University Support” project SUS I

The WEC can be regarded as an example of an institution according to the new paradigm for universities and it can play a vital role in generating relevant knowledge through research in co-operation with the sector and to disseminate knowledge to the knowledge workers in the sector institutions through its training activities. The WEC turned out to be the ideal institution to initiate the process of improvement of the performance of the water and environmental sector institutions. Till to date, the cooperation still exists.

Water and Environmental Centre, Sana'a Yemen