Further improved hand pumps

1990-2010. Further improved hand pumps. Vergnet pump, Volanta pump, Bush pump, Blue Pump, Ram pump, Treadle pump, Village pump, Rope pump, EMAS pump
New pump options like Vergnet (no moving parts in well), Volanta pump with a large wheel, Life Pump, screw pump for very deep wells (100 m). Blue pump for deep wells and extreme low maintenance. Village pump includes treatment. AIDFI pump, a hydro ram pump that can pump water up to 200 m high. Treadle pumps, low lift pedal pump for irrigation. Rope pump, a low cost and locally produced pump for small communities and families. EMAS pump, an extreme low cost pump for small communities and families. It can pump up to 30 mter above ground level.

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Vergnet pump, https://www.rural-water-supply.net/en/implementation/proprietary-handpumps/vergnet-hydro-hpv60-hpv100

Volanta pump

Rope pump

Blue pump

Bush pump

Life Pump

Village pump

AIDFI ram pump  

Treadle pump 

EMAS pump