Public domain pumps in the 80's

Public domain pumps

1980’s. Public domain pumps. Indian Mark 2, Afridev.
Because of drought in India there was a need for hand pumps for deep wells. New well drilling technologies were developed for deep wells/ boreholes with technologies like
The “down the hole hammer”.
In this period the Indian Mark 2 and later on the Afridev pump were developed. They were public domain, open source so many companies started to produce them. An estimated 7 million of these pumps were produced and about 1 million installed in Africa.
They are still being produced now.

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How 3 handpumps revolutionised rural water supplies, RWSN 2013

How Three Handpumps Revolutionised Rural Water Supplies. A brief history of the India Mark II/III, Afridev and the Zimbabwe Bush Pump , Skat , RWSN , St Gallen, Switzerland