Canon of the Netherlands

  1. Trijntje

    The hunter-gatherers

  2. circa 3000 BC

    Megalithic tombs

    The first farmers

  3. 47 A.D.-circa 400 A.D.

    The Roman Limes

    On the frontiers of the Roman world

  4. 658 A.D.-739 A.D.


    The spread of Christianity

  5. 742 A.D. – 814 A.D.


    Emperor of the West

  6. circa 1100

    Hebban olla vogala

    The Dutch language under development

  7. 1356-circa 1450

    The Hanseatic League

    Collaboration pays off

  8. Hieronymus Bosch

    Painter in a medieval town

  9. Mary of Burgundy

    Sovereign between Burgundy and Habsburg

  10. 1469?-1536


    A critical mind in Europe

  11. 1566

    The Revolt

    From the Iconoclastic Fury to the Act of Abjuration

  12. 1533-1584

    William of Orange

    From rebel to “Father of the Fatherland”

  13. Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

    Chasms within the Republic

  14. 1602-1799

    The trading Companies VOC & WIC

    Sailing and fighting for trade

  15. 1612

    The Beemster Polder

    Dry feet in the polder

  16. 1583-1645

    Hugo Grotius

    Pioneer of modern international law

  17. 1637

    The States Bible

    The power of the Word

  18. 1606?-1669


    A country full of painters

  19. 1662

    Blaeu’s Atlas Maior

    Mapping the world

  20. 1607-1676

    Michiel de Ruyter

    The Republic in choppy seas

  21. 1629-1695

    Christiaan Huygens

    The beginnings of modern science

  22. 1632-1677


    In search of truth

  23. circa 1637-1863


    Human trafficking and forced labour

  24. 1744-1828

    Eise Eisinga

    The solar system in a living room

  25. Sara Burgerhart

    Rebellious women in the Age of Reason

  26. 1780-1795

    The patriots

    Democratising the Republic

  27. 1769-1821

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    The French period in the Netherlands

  28. 1772-1843

    King William I

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Belgium

  29. 1839

    The first railway


  30. 1848

    The Constitution

    The most important law of the Netherlands

  31. 1860

    Max Havelaar

    Injustice in the Dutch East Indies

  32. 19th century

    The Child Protection Act of Van Houten

    Out of the factory and into the school

  33. 1853-1890

    Vincent van Gogh

    Painter in a new age

  34. 1854-1929

    Aletta Jacobs

    Standing up for equal rights

  35. 1914-1918

    World War I

    Wartime neutrality

  36. Anton de Kom

    Fighting racism and colonialism

  37. 1940-1945

    World War II

    The Netherlands occupied and liberated

  38. 1929-1945

    Anne Frank

    The persecution of the Jews

  39. 1945-1949


    The struggle for independence

  40. 1 February 1953

    The great flood

    The danger of water

  41. since 1948


    The world on your screen

  42. since circa 1880

    The port of Rotterdam

    Gateway to the world

  43. Marga Klompé

    The welfare state

  44. The immigrant workers

    New Dutch residents

  45. 1911-1995

    Annie M.G. Schmidt

    Going against the grain of a bourgeois country

  46. Coal and gas

    The energy issue

  47. since 1945

    The Caribbean

    Far away yet connected

  48. 1995


    Responsible for peace

  49. since 1945


    Joining forces for a peaceful Europe

  50. That Orange Feeling

    Sport connects

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